7 Key Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

Bum Marketing

Bum Marketing Bum marketing makes use of many free online resources for generating traffic. You can promote affiliate products directly with bum marketing, or you can send traffic to another website or blog. There are different types of bum marketing. Article marketing is the most well-known type, and involves submitting articles to online repositories known as article directories. You can promote affiliate products directly with article marketing, but some of the article directories require you to use a domain name to forward to the affiliate link. Using sites like Squidoo.com and HubPages.com also allows you to get traffic from search engines based on their high PageRank and authority.


SEO or search engine optimization, is perhaps the most important way to get high-quality traffic. SEO traffic is usually very good, because people who are searching for something are often ready to buy. Let’s say you create a review site that reviews several popular digital camera models. Would you rather have a visitor who clicks a link from another website out of curiosity, or would you rather have a visitor who has searched for “buy X model digital camera”? The person who has searched for “buy X model digital camera” is almost definitely ready to buy, or at least researching a potential purchase. But someone who clicked a link to your site from another site might not be very interested in digital cameras at all! They may have clicked the link simply because they were bored, or curious.

The title serves two purposes for SEO:

1. It is very important to search rankings, because search engines assume that the title expresses the main point of a page.

2. It is what attracts visitors to click the link to visit your site when they see it in the SERPs.

Your title needs to contain at least one main keyword phrase, as well as be interesting enough to click. Your most important keyword phrase should be the first, because prominence is important. Search engines assume that the keywords that appear earlier are more important. You need to have a different title for every page on your site, and that title should relate to the topic of the page.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very good way to get traffic. It can be beneficial for two purposes. First, it can bring visitors directly from the links when they read your comment. And second, it gives you relevant backlinks to your site to help improve your search engine rankings. The trouble is, many of your blog comments are NOT going to help your SEO.

Social Marketing

Social networking sites like Facebook, and microblogging sites like Twitter offer you a world of new marketing opportunities. They have hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of users that you can get in touch with. But using social marketing is a delicate process. You have to know the rules of the various sites very well, and you have to be prepared to follow them to the letter.

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is, in many ways, more delicate than social marketing. Forums are usually owned by individuals or small companies rather than large corporations, like most social networking sites. Because of this smaller atmosphere, it is much easier to be noticed, singled out, and banned. You have to be a lot more careful, because every post you make has the potential to be seen by every single member of a forum, not just the individuals on a list of friends or the people you privately send messages to.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, simply put, is the process of bringing in traffic by producing marketing material that will spread from user to user. Viral marketing is usually very funny, exciting, bizarre, or in some way something to be talked about. In order for something to go viral, it needs to be something that is actually so interesting that people will naturally want to talk about it. If people see it, and are interested, the will watch it and remember it. But it has to be something really special for people to talk about it and for it to spread. Viral marketing is a great way to bring in traffic. It’s also one of the most difficult to get right. It can be very difficult to anticipate what will go viral.

It’s best if you get someone who is experienced in creating viral marketing campaigns to help you. Just make sure to ask for references and proof of past success before you agree to pay them

Guest Authoring

Guest authoring is a bit like article marketing, but you write for popular blogs or websites instead of submitting to article directories. This benefits the owner of the blog or site, because they get free content, and it benefits you because you get the publicity and a relevant backlink.