Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Steps to Marketing to Brides With Direct Mail

Many wedding planners today think they can just rely on online marketing to attract brides. However, not everyone likes using the Internet and no one is online all of the time. Besides, you want brides to say, “I see you everywhere.” So it is a good idea for wedding planners to reach out to brides using offline marketing methods such as direct mail.

Here are 7 steps to launching an effective direct mail campaign:

1) Determine who you are going to target

It’s best if you mail to brides whose contact information you have acquired yourself via networking and bridal shows. These are brides who have met you so they are more likely to read what you send to them.

If you don’t have a list, you will need to purchase one. There are many vendors who sell lists of brides and grooms. Be very specific about what you want when purchasing. For example, if you target brides who are in a specific profession, are a specific age, or live in a specific area, ask that you be given names that fit that criteria.

2) Plan to do it more than once

You need to send a series of mailings in order to catch the attention of potential clients.

3) Use postcards to keep costs low

Postcards are the least expensive type of mail to send, provided you stick to standard postcard shapes and sizes. Also, brides are more likely to read a postcard than open a sealed envelope and read a letter.

4) Avoid just making a sales pitch

The mailer shouldn’t just tell a bride to call you to plan her wedding. Instead, mention a service you offer and the benefits of those services. Then invite her to contact you for a free consultation or to go to your website to get a wedding planning checklist that you have created. A bride won’t hire you until she feels she knows you and feels confident that she can trust you to help her plan the wedding she wants. Use direct mail to help her get to know you.

5) Start small and test

Select a small number of names, send mailers and see if they are well received. Make a note when potential clients call after receiving a mailing and ask what attracted them about your mailing; the content, the design or the offer for a free checklist or consultation. This will help you determine what your mailings need to include or eliminate in the future.

6) Track your results

As with any marketing or advertising campaign, you will need to track results to see if you are getting a good return on your investment.

7) Understand that direct mail works best when combined with other marketing

Direct mail alone may not bring you hundreds of clients, but it can be very powerful when combined with online marketing, like your website, blog, and social networking sites, and other offline marketing methods like attending networking events and exhibiting in bridal shows.