Marketing Expert – Writing and Marketing Tips For Your Business on the Internet

“Sales are through the roof! The last six weeks, nothing stays on the shelf. Almost before we get the cartons open our merchandise is off the shelf and out the door, bagged for a customer.” One powerful response to the latest interview of merchants on the Guru Trail.

“After a season of near catastrophic low sales, our business is booming!” says another.

What makes the difference?

Article Marketing – both locations have started writing articles for the Internet, maximizing their coverage with articles they submit to or for instant traffic domination in their fields.
Resource Boxes – the resource boxes on their articles are dynamic, personable and pull traffic with qualifying directives to click on the links included in the last paragraph of the article.
Relevant Content – all content is relevant to the overall business of the merchants in question. Because the content is so totally relevant and necessary to the businesses and their merchandise, readers grab the information and search out the resources they require.
How can you market your offline business to the Internet Market and receive similar results? Find your Internet Marketing Niche and speak loudly with article marketing content builders that people grab, reproduce and use in their own web marketing ventures.

The more your content is reproduced, the more backlinks you get to your website.

Make your content appealing by providing dynamic power-driven content that reads easily and markets well. There are many easy tips for marketing your writing on the Internet, but these Expert Marketing Tips seem to be the most relevant for the mass production of Article Marketing required by most merchants.

Write what you know – focus on the whole product and tell your reader everything you know about your product in 250 word incriments.
Be specific and write detail – give the reader even the minutest detail you believe might already be recognized, because someone out there NEEDS to know.
Use bullets – bullet points are easy to read and definitive. They allow you to give your reader more information in less time.
Use action words – positive flow can be totally disrupted by a “to be” verb, so write with action verbs that keep the reader moving on to the next phrase of your article.
Stop wasting space – give the reader important value in your articles. Do nothing articles that provide no solutions waste space on the web. Stop wasting their time and get to the point.
White Space is GOOD – Leaving some white space and organizing your article for restful breakpoints in the writing offers the reader a place to rest tired eyes.
Be firm and directive – tell the reader what to do, but don’t boss them around. Give them credit for having a brain, most of them do.
Grammar does count – use it. If you can’t spell, spell checker may catch most of your mistakes, but seriously, if you can’t write, take a class!
Be real – if you’re telling your client such an outlandish tale they can’t believe you, they won’t.
Use sub-headers and identifiers to create balance in your writings. These help your reader find their way around your articles.
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Jan Verhoeff is a marketing expert with more than three decades of experience building and promoting business. She offers quality writing and marketing tips for business owners who desire to build their own business along with detailed marketing strategy sessions for business owners who want greater profitability from their business.