Better Marketing Results With Integrated Multimedia Direct Mail

Direct response marketing campaigns using targeted postal mail campaigns are well understood and have been successfully utilised by many companies across various industries for decades now. Why, because it works and it will continue to work within a well structured formula for success. What is not so well known and understood is that direct mail using integrated multimedia technology will significantly increase your response rates!

Let us review what makes direct mail campaigns successful:

  • Addresses a specific group of people or targeted audience
  • Uses creative to cut-through the clatter of the mail box
  • Offers a personalised message that communicates a compelling benefit
  • Creates a sense of urgency and excitement with the mail piece
  • Provides a your clear and visible ‘call to action’

The above points have been demonstrated over the years to achieve superior response rates from direct mail campaigns.

Now let us look at how the use of integrated multimedia dramatically improves results from direct mail campaigns. Integrated multi-media campaigns significantly power-up direct mail when the following factors are included in the campaign:

  • Personalise all communications with the recipient across the different media
  • Using several multimedia channels in the promotional campaign
  • Letter, postcard or mailing piece
  • Mobile phones and other smart mobile devices
  • Web landing pages with personalised URL
  • Email marketing and auto-responders
  • Using a QR image ( QR Code define ) image to support the ‘call to action’

Essentially, an integrated multimedia direct mail campaign allows a one to one personalised engagement with the recipient. It has the ability for the recipient to immediately accept the offer or secure additional information with readily available technology such as their mobile phone or access to the Internet.

What is a QR code? A QR code printed on the direct mail piece becomes interactive when it is scanned by a smart mobile phone to connect to a web landing page, a video, addition information or delivery of a discount coupon or voucher to the mobile phone for redemption at a retail location. This coverts the direct mail piece into an integrated campaign. The QR code is the integration that brings print, mobile and web landing pages together to contribute to increasing the response rates of the direct mail piece.

It is highly recommended to utilise unique QR codes so that each recipient will be directed to their own personalise web landing page. At the recipient’s landing page additional information and messages for the individual will encourage the desired conversion. The main purpose of the direct marketing piece is to encourage the recipient to take the ‘call to action’ and the objective of the personalised web landing page is to engage with a one-on-one dialogue to secure the conversion.

Lastly, the use of a personalised web landing page will allow the campaign to be tracked and measured for results! The unique nature of the QR Code and personalised web page provides the capability to track recipient’s responses to the direct mail piece. This valuable marketing intelligence information can be used for targeted follow-up action or to refine and adjust future marketing campaigns.

Another marketing benefit is that the recipient can be encouraged to keep and use the mail piece a number of times. The web landing page can be updated and modified as often as desired. The update can include offers for gift vouchers, coupons, discounts or specials that may be relevant to the recipient. The direct mail piece becomes a useful long-term item as compared to a one-off point of contact.

Any business of whatever size can initiate an integrated multi-media direct mail campaign by following the suggestions and recommendations in this article.

Create a Complete Article Marketing Campaign

Writing and distributing articles is the best way to direct traffic to your website. Many businesses both online and offline have turned to article marketing for a variety of reasons. They know that through marketing with articles they can prove their knowledge of the products or services they sell.

About 75 percent of consumers check online prices and store locations before they make a purchase. They read reviews and informational articles to get a better understanding of the products they shop for. You need to create a complete article marketing campaign that puts your articles in front of your target demographic.

The old saying “Information is Power” is truer now more than ever. The more information you can give about a product or service, the more likely you are to attract new customers. Businesses thrive on sales. Get your information in front of the people who need to see it and increase your website’s conversion rate.

Hire a Ghostwriter for Articles

Ghostwriters are talented writers who specialize in one thing: creating the highest quality articles possible. They understand the importance of thorough research and sticking to the niche. Ghostwriters make it their business to know what search engines look for and proper keyword placement. They will create the best informational articles possible for your complete article marketing campaign.

Entrepreneurs and webmasters often hire a professional ghostwriter for articles. They may even hire more than one ghostwriter to get a broader variety of articles. They choose the articles they feel best represent their business and submit them to article directories for publication.

Choose to market using articles and you will see a noticeable increase in traffic to your website within 2 weeks. Article directories will publish each informational article and include a resource box that links to your business website. No additional sales information is contained within the article body itself.

The Article Distribution Process

A complete article marketing campaign includes distribution to several article publishers. Don’t sell yourself or your product short by submitting your article to one or two publishers. Deep and wide publication to thousands of article directories is the ultimate goal.

Several article submission companies guarantee your article will be published to tens of thousands of websites. Sites that offer something so amazing are not without their price. Your marketing budget will determine the number of paid article submission companies you will hire.

Free article submission sites are also in abundance. Some paid sites offer a free version of their paid service; always keep an eye out for that if your budget is small. Keep in mind that it is your article and you have the right to publish it on any article directory. The options are virtually limitless!

The Grand Finale of Article Marketing

No article marketing campaign is complete without distribution. You could hire a ghostwriter to write the most informative article ever written, but it does no good if no one ever sees it. Make sure your article, website and business get the attention they deserve. Choose article distribution services that will help you achieve the most coverage for your website.

In short, article distribution helps direct consumers to the right website. Over the years, consumers have educated themselves on how to make intelligent purchases. They look for information from a variety of venues before heading out to buy something. Market using articles and create a complete article marketing campaign to direct more traffic to your website. You won’t regret it.

Direct Email Marketing – Is It Really Worth It to You?

Direct email marketing can be well worth the time and money invested, if it is done correctly. However, it is often more effective when combined with other marketing strategies such as press releases and key word marketing. When beginning a direct email marketing campaign, there are a few things that you do and don’t want to do.

Do – Include an opt in form on your web site

By allowing your web site visitors to opt in for email regarding your site news, updates and specials, you are ensuring that you are collecting addresses of people who have an interest in your web site’s material and content.

Don’t – Send email to people who did not ask for it

When you send email to people who did not request it, direct email marketing messages is considered spam and it is definitely a bad idea, not to mention against the law.

Do – Trade links and ads

Find other options in newsletters and sites on the net that are doing direct email marketing and see if you can trade ads, links and lists with them. This will increase your own email list and broaden your client base.

Don’t – Do in your face advertising

In your direct email marketing campaign you don’t want to do in your face marketing. A more subtle approach has been shown to be more effective. Try offering a five or seven part e-course that includes a link to your site for further information.