Direct Mail Is an Effective Way to Distribute Promotional Items

Direct mail has been the traditional way of communicating with customers and clients. Though its use has become restricted due to the shift towards online marketing, it is still considered to be an important marketing tool today. Direct mail or marketing by snail mail became redundant because of the faster means of communication, e-mail, which is quicker, easier, and almost inexpensive. Even though mostly all businesses use e-mail for their marketing purposes, direct mail still continues to be an effective marketing tool when used correctly.

Online businesses usually do not use direct mail in the initial stages if the marketing plan. Direct mail comes into use when a firm or a business needs to follow up with their customers to keep them updated about promotions, trade shows, conventions, seminars and new product launches or to follow up with prospective clients who are yet to purchase something. For all types of businesses, direct mail allows you to reach specific markets with geographical and demographic targeting. Many companies take the help of direct mail companies who not only craft your messages to establish contact with your clients but also print them and mail them to the desired addresses. They also e-mail to your potential clients without violating any anti-spamming laws.

You can increase your company’s market reach by sending appropriate brochures, newsletters and leaflets about your company to increase your sales and client recall. Watch them stop at your booth during trade shows and fairs and collect their personalised items which will increase your sales and client recall. You can also use software used to send mails in bulk to keep your client well-informed about your company. After you have informed your customers through direct mail, you can plan an effective strategy to lure your customers to main events by distributing promotional items. And whenever you need to select the right promotional item best suiting your company image, online suppliers are at your service with an extensive range of high quality items at cost effective prices.

Many companies in UK are still using direct mail as a means of increasing brand awareness amongst their clients. It has in a way become an effective method to distribute printed items to capture potential clients. The changing face of the business world means appeasing the clients and employees. This is done by distributing promotional items and corporate gifts and the best way to create your own space in the market is informing them about the main events when your firm will be giving away these gifts, beforehand.

For more information on promotional gifts, printed products and printed items check out some of the leading online suppliers today where you can tap into their wealth of experience to ensure that your next marketing campaign is well targeted and sets off on the right footing. You can make massive savings simply by requesting a quick quote for particular items in order to get the right idea about the costs for promoting your business or for giveaways at your next trade show.

Marketing Expert – Writing and Marketing Tips For Your Business on the Internet

“Sales are through the roof! The last six weeks, nothing stays on the shelf. Almost before we get the cartons open our merchandise is off the shelf and out the door, bagged for a customer.” One powerful response to the latest interview of merchants on the Guru Trail.

“After a season of near catastrophic low sales, our business is booming!” says another.

What makes the difference?

Article Marketing – both locations have started writing articles for the Internet, maximizing their coverage with articles they submit to or for instant traffic domination in their fields.
Resource Boxes – the resource boxes on their articles are dynamic, personable and pull traffic with qualifying directives to click on the links included in the last paragraph of the article.
Relevant Content – all content is relevant to the overall business of the merchants in question. Because the content is so totally relevant and necessary to the businesses and their merchandise, readers grab the information and search out the resources they require.
How can you market your offline business to the Internet Market and receive similar results? Find your Internet Marketing Niche and speak loudly with article marketing content builders that people grab, reproduce and use in their own web marketing ventures.

The more your content is reproduced, the more backlinks you get to your website.

Make your content appealing by providing dynamic power-driven content that reads easily and markets well. There are many easy tips for marketing your writing on the Internet, but these Expert Marketing Tips seem to be the most relevant for the mass production of Article Marketing required by most merchants.

Write what you know – focus on the whole product and tell your reader everything you know about your product in 250 word incriments.
Be specific and write detail – give the reader even the minutest detail you believe might already be recognized, because someone out there NEEDS to know.
Use bullets – bullet points are easy to read and definitive. They allow you to give your reader more information in less time.
Use action words – positive flow can be totally disrupted by a “to be” verb, so write with action verbs that keep the reader moving on to the next phrase of your article.
Stop wasting space – give the reader important value in your articles. Do nothing articles that provide no solutions waste space on the web. Stop wasting their time and get to the point.
White Space is GOOD – Leaving some white space and organizing your article for restful breakpoints in the writing offers the reader a place to rest tired eyes.
Be firm and directive – tell the reader what to do, but don’t boss them around. Give them credit for having a brain, most of them do.
Grammar does count – use it. If you can’t spell, spell checker may catch most of your mistakes, but seriously, if you can’t write, take a class!
Be real – if you’re telling your client such an outlandish tale they can’t believe you, they won’t.
Use sub-headers and identifiers to create balance in your writings. These help your reader find their way around your articles.
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Jan Verhoeff is a marketing expert with more than three decades of experience building and promoting business. She offers quality writing and marketing tips for business owners who desire to build their own business along with detailed marketing strategy sessions for business owners who want greater profitability from their business.

Email Marketing, The Moving Parade

A mortgage originator client writes, “Bill, I am email marketing to real estate agents who have prospects who could use a “no income check mortgage loan for Residential Investment properties and commercial properties. Sent out an email to my list of 5000 with moderate results. What should I do to increase my response?”

There are a few different issues we need to address. One is that the target audience is NOT the final customer. The final customer is the loan applicant. The target audience is the real estate agent. The message MUST be how this loan originator can get the real estate agent more business.

Another issue is figuring out how to stop thinking of the target audience as a group to sell to and to begin thinking of them as a group that wants to buy. A large part of this issue is timing. And timing is where engagement comes in.

Still, a third issue is figuring out what the heart of the target audience, the bull’s eye, is all about. Who are they? What keeps them up at night? Who else wants their business and why? What language do they use?

Without getting too deep — after all this is just a 500 word article — are 5,000 real estate agents the correct match for this mortgage originator who sells subprime mortgages? Probably not. Most of the real estate agents’ customers are probably pre-approved. It would be better if the email list of this originator was of real estate agents who work with customers who suffered foreclosure, bankruptcy, or in some other way, took a hit on their credit. That’s a much smaller list.

What are these agents doing to get more business? Are they involved with cleaning up distressed properties through property preservation specialists? Are they getting deals from banks? Are there a growing number of cash investors who are willing to consider a wide variety of investment vehicles?

These questions, and many more, are a few topics that the loan originator could talk about in his or her communications with his more targeted list.

Because there are so many resources for the marketplace to tap into when researching a solution, they (the marketplace) no longer solely rely on one marketing piece. They search and search until they’re ready to buy. It’s a moving parade. The job of today’s direct marketer is to continually communicate with the marketplace valuable information with the “right” message to the right audience so that when the customer is ready to buy, the compelling choice is YOU, the marketer who has been at each intersection of the parade providing great information.

With that thinking in mind, this loan originator must figure out a way to find real estate agents on his list who specialize in distressed situations and start to segment that email list based on the wants and needs of his prospects.

The idea is to become the hero to your list(s). How can you help them? And once you figured that out, go deep. Begin to explore HOW they would be helped further by applying different approaches. Where can they find prospects? How can they approach them? How can they close the deal (by using your service)?

Finally, start growing the relationship by communicating compelling content to your list frequently. Be there when they’re ready to make the decision to buy.